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WolfpackN64 said:
OneTime said:

Re: science proving God doesn’t exist. Science basically has given up proving this.

1. Earth goes round the sun.
2. Universe is older than 4000 years
3. No attempts to contact God have succeeded
4. No attempt to measure God’s affect on the Universe have succeeded
5. Humans evolved like all the other animals
6. Humans therefore unlikely to be in the image of God
 7. Bible was cherry picked from a whole load of scripts
8. Christianity was chosen by Emperor (Saint) Augustine e because he thought a pacifist religion would be preferable to the Roman Gods
9.. Emporer (Saint) Augustine basically presented himself as “the one God”
10. The one god in the burning bush was the God Ra in Egypt

11. Pretty every investigation that has been done has disproved religion...

I've added points to make it easier to reply.

1, 2. Of course

3. If revelation is the only way to come into contact with God, there have been hundreds of times over the centuries. But it's not possible out of your own accord.

4. It's not measurable in a mathematical sence, but the Cosmological argument would hold that his effect on the universe is absolute.

5. Like and unlike, of course.

6. That's a logical fallacy.

7. Not cherry picked, more like composed. Even my own bible's footnotes aknowledges multiple scripts when they were used and which ones are the more probable ones.

8. Constantine and Augustine were two different persons.

9. Constantine and Augustine were two different persons.

10. What? How would you know?

11. What investigation?



And this is why science has given up disproving stuff.  Any one of those would be enough to seriously torpedo a scientific theory.