Chrizum said:
WolfpackN64 said:

By that account, there have been done worse things to expand our economic markets then there has ever been done by religion.

The difference being, of course, that there is no holy book or spiritual leaders telling people how to expand our economic markets. Come on, it's a very silly comparison. I'm not saying all evil comes from religion. But what you're saying is basically "there are bad things in this world that have nothing to do with religion, so religion really isn't that bad".

I will concur religion has brought us good things as well. In the end it's just people doing things. But religion has a bad track record (Christianity and Islam most of all) and with good reason.

A lot of bad things, wars, murders etc have happened in history due to political systems, ethnic differences, capitalism, socialism, greed etc. And religion.

Neither of those things are necessarly bad. Even "greed, to a certain extent, is good".