KratosLives said:

Just watched 3 billboards outside Ebbing Missouri, and thought it was a great movie, but one scene pissed me off. Comparing the catholic church to a cripps gang , the fact that a priest belongs to the catholic church, he is partially responsible or apart of some pedofile agenda, even though he had nothing to do with it and as a whole the percentage of mistreatment is so low, in the catholic church. The way the scene was played out, basically a catholic, and there are millions of us, should feel ashamed that we belong to a church. What angers me is that there are so many movies from hollywood that love to bash on catholics. Not anglicans but catholics, and the people behind the script and directing it are jewish americans. Now i have no issues with jewish people, this is strictly a hollywood thing. What i'm trying to understand is why there is this agenda? What has pissed them off so much that they want to show off catholics in a nagative light? Also in the movie they made references not so nice to mexicans/mexico, which happens to be a catholic country. Yet the african americans got so much love in this film. I hope oneday this shit ends, and people take more notice and do something about it. 

I think yes there is a problem with the way catholics are portrayed but I think it actually goes for all christian religions in holywood, TV and media in general. I belong to a not so big christian religion and get a lot of bashing when we are portrayed also.