vivster said:
WolfpackN64 said:

Well, sorry to tell you that your enlightment positivism probably killed more people then Christianity ever did. And when I say science can't prove or disprove God, it's because that's actually very sensible. Sorry that it affects a lot of people negatively, but the vast majority of humanity benefitted from it positively.If you think you can just take a dump on religion without pushback. I'm sick and tired of hardline atheïsts telling me whats good or wrong and what exists or don't. You people don't hold any more truth then we do. And I personally have had a lot of ground to doubt atheïst morals even exist. It always relies on an externel system, often even based on religious morals.

Atheism doesn't have morals or any agenda for that reason. It's a way of thinking based on reality. The rules and agendas made up by atheists are theirs alone. Atheism isn't a religion with a doctrine and people who are atheist are as unique and different as any other person.

The big difference in religion and atheism is within a statement.

Atheism: I think we should do this because my thinking had brought me to that conclusion.

Religion: I think we should do this because there is an invisible man in a cloud watching and judging us.

If there are atheists that are assholes then that's their decision. At least they cannot blame their actions on a higher power and have to be responsible for their actions. Religious assholes however will use some doctrine as an excuse. A doctrine that for some reason is arbitrarily protected from other doctrines.

It seems we won't get along in this topic and I don't want this to dissolve in a shouting match. I wish you all the best anyhow.