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Sounds like fan gush..... even if there is some sense in what you are saying.

The things that I see realistically happenning.

PS4 dropped officially to $199.

PS4+ (biggest IPs of 2018) game for $229

$199 PS4+ game around November/december sales.

Now how early sn starts this will determine how well it sells this year. having said that I really don't see it topping 20M this year like it probably did last year. I see all the things I mentioned as what it needs to do to sell just as well as last year or maybe slightly less.

So I have it pegged to push 17-19M this year. Thats not a bad thing thing though, cause that means by the end of this year its just shy of 100M sold.... at that point it really doesn't matter how much it sells anymore as long as it keeps selling games.