RolStoppable said:
zorg1000 said:

Numbers arent out until Tuesday

Should be up year over year as well, but Media Create's numbers for 2017 will add up to only ~1.80m as opposed to Famitsu's 1.93m.

3DS and Switch have similar discrepancies (~100k) between the two trackers for yearly numbers in 2017.

It will be pretty much flat YOY with mediacreate. 

Lafiel said:
MrRoops said:
So 10m+ Lt or can it hit 15m if price and games are just right in the future ?

it's afaik currently tracking slightly above the PS3 that did 10.5m lt and MHW should give it another good stimulus, but with the Switch very likely dominating the market from here on out even reaching 10m+ will be a tough/long battle depending on how many JPN 3rd parties go straight to NSW (and even PS4/NSW games could harm PS4 sales)

for 15m the PS4 would need an epic killer app that amplifies hw sales for months to come and with MH there is a small chance for that to happen there .. other than MHW there isn't much on the horizon that could do this especially as pretty much all traditional medium to big jpn 3rd party franchises already had their chance (still FF7R maybe?, total mega dark horse being Gran Blue?)

Ps4 for the first few years had to put up with the 3ds dominating the market as well as sharing most of its games with the ps3 and psv. Also a little competition from the Wii u. 


Now all it has is switch as a rival. It won't hamper it. Personally I think ps4 will do ps3 numbers around 10m. They would need to release a ps4 portable to boost numbers to 15m.

DonFerrari said:
Unprecendeted growth.

So many doubted this. 

CGI-Quality said:
ABizzel1 said:

By all means PS4 should be doing much better than PS3 in JP  

And why is that?

Well it's doing exponentially better for Sony this gen in terms of profit. So there's that at least.