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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
o_O.Q said:


can you show the official russian sources that make these claims?

i find it hard to believe that russia would claim that they had no soldiers in the ukraine

""Ukraine is run by fascists.""

there has been leaked dialogue between us officials about putting a puppet leader in the ukraine... i think that's what people are referring to

"No Russian soldiers in Crimea":

"No Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine":

"Passenger plane was shot down by an Ukrainian military plane":

"Ukraine is fascist":


It's very "suspicious" that you are not aware of these (and the countless others) Russian lies (haven't you followed any news?), but you can bring up some hacked phone call (which doesn't have any relation to the claim that "UKraine is run by fascist"). Are you biased?

It's not a secret that there are fascists in Ukraine, but yeah...citing RT (which is a propaganda instrument run by Putin) tells all one needs to know.