The game isn't 10 hours, also lots of cutscenes and walking around listening to dialogue.

The story is pretty good, the graphics are great, and the gunplay is above average. Its just the pacing overall makes it a mediocre game and the combat feels very scripted. I think its worth checking out for like $10 though.

I remember seeing the marketing and thought Sony had an answer to Gears of War. It looks like a game with lot of action but the final product was a very story driven experience. If my memory is right, there are relatively few enemy encounters for the genre. Basically, I don't feel the marketing was honest about what type of game it was.

Quantum Break > Ryse > The Order



Edit: I found an old post I had about this game and this is partly why its rated the way it is. "I just finished this game. And... I like the story but the gameplay is underwhelming. Slow, linear, repetitive combat, no replay value, too many QTEs, cliff hanger ending, much more focus on story than gameplay. If you could skip cutscenes this game would probably just be a few hours. This is the kind of game many core gamers don't want but they made it anyway.

Did they not see the criticism Ryse received? Ryse is an arguably better game by the way. Its a shame because it seems like there was so much potential here. In fact, I would like to see a sequel to this. They need to overhaul the gameplay to something that feels more like Gears. More freedom, more dynamic combat, more gameplay, maybe good multiplayer and split screen co-op. It has many great ideas and this could become a great series, but they fucked up its first outing."

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