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o_O.Q said:
Errorist76 said:

I didn’t say that‘s what’s written in those’s what’s happening. Those pages and thousands of paid fake accounts mainly support parties like the AfD here in Germany or Front Nationale in France, for example. The same happened with Trump. It makes perfect sense for Putin to try to destabilise the EU (or US), in best case destroy it from within.

understood, but i'm just asking for some examples of the lies that are being told... the articles didn't really contain any

For example there’s a site called Anonymousnews which pretends to be Anonymous but really is run by the far right populist Mario Rönsch, who published sensationalist and mainly racist bullshit and lies, half-facts without context..exactly what could be considered fake news!

It’s only in German though. It’s like Breitbart but much worse I guess.