vivster said:
AlfredoTurkey said:

Here here! I don't give a shit if the next Zelda forces me to download 80% of the game... I won't buy. I made my idealistic stance on that awhile back and I'm sticking to it. The day I can't go to the store or go online and buy a physical game, pop it in and play is the day my NES,SNES,Genesis,N64 and every other pre-360 year console becomes my permanent playground. 

I just refuse. Absolutely refuse.

I imagine a post apocalyptic world (5 years from now) where everyone is downloading their games digitally while one lone survivor scavenges the ruins of old society (Gamestop) to find the last remaining physical game copies and part replacements for ancient consoles.

Well in a post apocalyptic world, it will be the people have the physical only games that can still play. The rest of us will not have the internet to download anything. So all of those hundreds of games that we have in our "library" but had to delete to make space for another game are not gone forever. So even though we may have purchased Breath of the Wild, we have no way of playing it cause we deleted it to make room for LA Noir or something.

Meanwhile, the person who purchased physical can pop in all of his collection at anytime. Well as long as the game isn't an "online only" game. I hate online required single player shit.