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So after completing Zelda BOTW dlc, finding all kooks seed, completing all shrines, find all map locations and getting every costume, I still feel the need to visit a post ending scenario where you get to kill all monsters and rebuild Hyrule. Perhaps as a long time Zelda player I could say it wouldn't work (Mainly because no other Zelda game has the post ending scenario) So I thought in an alternate solution.

We all know that Zelda for mobiles is eventually going to happen, so imagine if that game is based on this, of course it wouldn't run on BOTW engine,  but it could look like ALBW or the DS games (but better) and have gameplay mechanics like rune factory frontier and FFCC MY life as a king and somehow you could transfer your data from the game to the app to reward you from finishing the game. I know the blood moon is gone but monsters can still reappear via natural reproduction, you know. 


Anyway, what do you guys think?