So I was playing GTA 3 and intended on platinuming it just like I did with gta v. Today I finished off the stunt jumps which was the last thing I needed. No trophy. Turns out I've only got 95% because some missions in the game are skipable if you progress too far with other missions.


So I'm never going to platinum this. Took too long to get here to restart it again.. Too much grind. I'm absolutely sick. 


GTA 4 also screwed me over because the random people encounters glitched out stopping me from getting 100% too.


GTA V also tried to fuck me over with the taxi missions and a Tonya mission bugging out but I persisted and after a few months of trying I managed to get them. 


So I'll only have 1 platinum for the series when I should have 3. This one particularly hurt because if I'd researched it before I started it could have been avoided. Rockstar have a habit of fucking people over for platinums.