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For those who don't know. Sega Saturn was very hard to program for due it having several processors. One of the things that took a lot of extra work was transparencies. The system could do them but it took more time than it was worth so most devs just substituted this mesh look. 

Many games on Saturn like Mega Man X pictured above used this mesh pattern instead of a transparency.


I have seen a few Switch games doing the same thing. What I find odd about it besides having a GPU 20+ years more advanced than SS is that it appears in games like Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 (pic is censored for spoiler reasons) have a lot of transparencies like water.  Not every game has this effect. I never saw it in ARMS or Fire Emblem Warriors.


I've noticed even the upcoming 3rd party game Inner Space uses this mesh. So can someone who knows a lot about rendering and GPU's and such explain why Nintendo Switch a modern system has a graphical effect I've not seen since the SEGA Saturn in the mid-90s.