Intrinsic said:
DonFerrari said:

1. 250 with Zelda would be a very good price for February onwards imho.

2. Sure X1 and PS4 are older and cheaper to manufacture, still Nintendo is on the same market and if costing the double while being half as powerful it may drive customers away after the early adopters buy.


  1. You must not know nintendo.... only thing that makes them drop the price is sales were sub par. Bust as they are now.... you can kiss any pricedrops in the immediate future goodbye. Unless sales suddenly tank. They will accomplish more in 1 years than they did in 4 years of the WiiU. Of course they aren't dropping any price.

  2. Funny..... there are people taht actually think the NS costs $250+ to make?

    A smartphone with more expensive parts and components (chips, Ram, higher rez screen, more storage space, cameras and more sensors than you can throw water at) costs less than $200 to make. Hell, you can get a tablet with a 7inch screen for as little as $50. 

    yet there are people that really believe that it costs $250 for the entire NS package?


I'm sure it isnt as simple as all that. What about the included joy cons, grip, dock, straps, adapter, hdmi cord etc, Dont forget it's quite a bit heavier and bulkier than a tablet so increased shipping and handling costs as well. 


Also a marketing campaign for a console I'd imagine is quite a bit more costly than say a $50 RCA tablet. That gets factored into the cost of Switch as well.