Ka-pi96 said:
JEMC said:

That format isn't exclusive to this feature. When looking at sales figures from NPD, UK or Japan, all games are listed individually even if there are two or three versions of it.

Only if you look at the individual formats. UK charts have a combined formats as well which is the only one I really look at since it's more accurate. Don't pay much attention to NPD but don't they usually use combined formats too and then show which version sold best etc rather than placing each invidual SKU on the chart?

I don't follow NPD that much anymore (the lack of accurate data makes it less interesting), but UK does the same as axum with this feature: first they list the individual results and then they also have a table where they combine all the votes/sales.

In any case, axum has already said that he's thinking on ways to improve the presentation.

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