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RolStoppable said:
I hope you noticed that History Mode offers plenty more battles to win. Fire Emblem Warriors isn't a short or overpriced game by any means.

Your individual scoring differs from mine, but your non-story final score is virtually the same as my rating.

I did, and have been exploring those and enjoying them. Are there more than the 5 I see in history mode? Regardless, I'm not usually into spinoff DLC like content; I'd rather have a longer campaign with a good overarching story. Buying a game that I am done with after 12-15 hours compared to, say, Xenoblade X which took me over 80 hours to beat (and much longer for completionists) for the same or very similar price is all I was saying. This topic has been brought up over the years, but if video games were sold for an amount in proportion to the effort and money pumped into them, well I wouldn't be against that. I would have no problem spending more on a game like Xeno, with massive world/story/exploration and less on a game like FE, which I'm sure cost a fraction of the amount of something like Zelda/Xeno.