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ARamdomGamer said:
Looking forward to the future of the series, really the only issue I had with BotW is the variety, more enemies and thematics for shrines and dungeons if only in aesthetic can improve an already impressive game.

Also hoping for more dungeons like Hyrule Castle and the DLC one, some of the best if not the best dungeons in the series for me.

And boss fights like the one from the DLC, that one was so much fun, another personal favorite.

The DLC gives me hope for dungeons in whatever the next game is, the final dungeon/boss was amazing.

I would like dungeons designed closer to the previous 3D games, but the open format of this game was so well-implemented, I would hate to see it be forgotten. If they could refine the BotW formula a bit more, I...I hate to think what would happen @_@ RIP every other game ever.

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