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Hi guys, 

It's been an amazing year, and imo especially for Nintendo gamers. Now with the successful Switch already having (as of now) at least 574 games out or on the way, what Switch games did buy this past year? Please also feel free to give your opinions on them, like what games you regret buying.

I'll start. It's pretty big already, shocked myself a bit.

Retail (in random order):

Splatoon 2
Pokken Tournament DX (regret this one, did click with me)
Fire Emblem Warriors
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (who wouldn't buy this. Practically best launch game ever.)
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (currently playing, Nia is waifu)
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers
Super Bomberman R (regret this one as well, just got boring fast for me)
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
Disgaea 5 Complete
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Cave Story+
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 for NINTENDO SWITCH (hate the added title)
I am Setsuna
Lost Sphear (need ENG patch)
FIFA 18 (don't ask me why)
Sine Mora ex
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
L.A. Noire

Digital (in random order):

Shock Troopers
Fatal Fury
Last Resort
Blazing Star
Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
Magician Lord
The King of Fighters 2000
Metal Slug 3
Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas (regret this one. Just dull.)
Alpha Mission II
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
Phantom Trigger (got stuck and couldn't be bother with it afterwards)
Fast RMX
The Mummy Demastered (regret it because it was not the metroidvania I expected)
Golf Story
Eliot Quest
Project Octopath Traveler Demo
Sonic Mania
The King of Fighters '98
Romancing SaGa 2
Stardew Valley
Blaster Master Zero
Double Dragon IV (regret it)
Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap
Tiny Metal
Nine Parchments

That's about it, really happy with what I got. I got a bit carried away, could have passed on some titles. Especially some Neo Geo ones. Either way, I got on the hype train and this is what I ended up with. Please share yours.