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The relationship between Nintendo and 3rd parties haven't been the best for some years now. But with the success of the Nintendo Switch it seems that there is some more support for Nintendo's most recent console. Some want the 3rd parties and other just don't care because they buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games.

That's why I want to know how the current situation is and see if Nintendo Switch owners support third party games like Dragonball, FIFA, DOOM or Skyrim. The discussion is about the big 3rd party developers like EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda because their support has been absent for a few years. So don't count small Indie titles.


EDIT: Answer to a lot of people: I am excluding the Indie games because we already had some of them on the Wii U and the relationship between Nintendo and these independent developers seems to be alright for a few years now. The big 3rd party games where missing on the Wii U and since we now have some releases on the Switch like Wolfenstein II this seems to change. Now I wanted to know how this "change" reflects in the games people are actually buying.

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