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CrazyGamer2017 said:
StarDoor said:

It's pretty obvious that Nintendo consoles have much better sales in December than November. 

If so then we'll see that in December figures on VGC. In which case good for the Switch but if I don't see figures following up then I'll bring the question again.

And all that still does not answer the question of why isn't Mario pushing the Switch to the top in November but at least if what you say about December is true then there is no downward trend.

Well, I'm sure you'll be disappointed to learn that Switch's December sales in Japan are already ahead of November by 107%, and there's still one week left. And if you've looked at the Amazon thread this month, then you'd also know that Switch has had a much bigger increase in December than either PS4 or Xbox One got, seeing as how Switch is the best-selling console of the month.

Also, in what world should 3D Mario push Switch to the top in November? I mean, have you ever looked at the sales of these games? Their lifetime sales generally fall between 10 and 13 million, and they reach those numbers because of their legs, not their launches. No one with even slightly reasonable expectations should think that Switch would sell more worldwide than PS4 in November, a month that is much stronger for PlayStation and Xbox than it is for Nintendo, when Switch is in its first year and PS4 is in its best year yet.