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StokedUp said:
Snow and winter stopped in the U.K. around 8 years ago and even then it wasn’t very much . It simply doesn’t happen anymore. It’s always mild winter temps with rain now and then. Sometimes there might be a 2 day cold spell and 2 inch of snow will fall in random areas of the country then the journalists and tabloids will go crazy acting like Armageddon is happening, it’s pathetic.

I genuinely loved the snow so I hate out winters now. I’d love 2-3 foot of snow to fall and cold temperatures to take over for the whole of winter.

Nah, snow happens in the UK just depends on where you live. Where I live (in the midlands) I am in a place that gets about 80% less snow than somewhere 16 miles away (dips and hills etc).... but snow happens about every 5-8 years in large amounts. In Scotland though they still get it regularly. This is no different from the last 30 odd years, though it has got a little milder over the last 10 years (less frosting of my car).

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