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bigtakilla said:

What if Xenoblade X was always supposed to have been the series that connects all the other series together, Gears, Saga, and Blade. It would make sense given it's name and numerous nods to all the other games in the series and the choice to name the series Cross (X). It could easily be an alternate dimension where they all essentially wind up (the flash of white light before entering space with Planet Mira). It may have even been the intention all along as Bandai had been working with Monolith Soft on projects before such as Project X Zone/2 and had recently spoke of their desire to revisit Saga while working on that game series (in which the same time period they were working on Blade X). 


Yeah it's a long shot, but one I'd love to see come to fruition.

I never played Xenosaga nor Xenogears, but hasn't Xenoblade 2 more connection to these games than X does? 

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