OTBWY said:
bdbdbd said:

I'm siding here with Rol - even moreso after reading the actual review. More than six would definately be unjustified.

Looks cool, is fun for a little while, but you get bored quickly and never come back. You actually could make similar complaints about Wave Race Blue Storm.

It's the best F-Zero. And probably the best futuristic racer out there. Nobody actually plays it for story. They play it for the still unparalleled racing speed in hard 60fps with cool af tracks. It's also hard which makes it popular with speedrunners. Nothing like it has come after it. Wipeout? Please. Nothing else.


Look at how smooth.

People siding against it have no taste or sense of gaming. Not an ounce!


Never seen anyone to play a racing game because of the story.

You're right; nobody's playing the game because it was good, which is my point.

You should try out the Fast Racing series; if you like crappy F-Zero, you'll love Fast Racing.

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