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I updated my MetaScore charts (graphics best viewed in fullscreen)


My thoughts:

  • more games with a MetaScore of 75% and above in 2017 due to a new platform (Switch) with good support
  • slightly more games with a MetaScore of 80% and above in 2017 due to the Switch launch
  • stagnating number of games with a MetaScore of 85% compared to 2016 (Nintendo gained, Xbox + PC lost)
  • overall less games with a MetaScore of 90% and above... did the expectations get higher or were there really less great games?
  • PC, PS4 and XBO each less than half of 90%+ games compared to 2016
  • Switch had a great launch year with five 90%+ titles after 10 months
  • Switch after 10 months is on par with WiiU after 26 months (number of 90%+, 85%+ and 80%+ titles)
  • Switch support after 10 months is much better than 3DS after 22 months, finally a Nintendo system with proper 3rd party support
  • WiiU support is dead... besides Zelda, only one other game got a MetaScore in 2017
  • as much as I love my Vitas... support is dying there, too

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Last edited by Conina - on 24 December 2017