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If everything Star Wars, Marvel, Aliens, Simpsons etc. would be exclusive to Playstation for 15 years, how would that make you feel?

And do you think such deal is realistic?

For clarification:

EA's Star Wars games would become console exclusive to Playstation, just because it is such a huge franchise (Playstation/PC).
Insomniac's Spider-Man games .. wait, it already is exclusive to Playstation.
Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts games would become exlusive to Playstation.

Beside those three properties, Sony would get the licens rights for any Disney intellectual property within the gaming realm.

- So, if Sony wanted a Simpsons game, they could, in collaboration with Ubisoft (Ubisoft San Francisco, South Park: The Fractured but Whole), develop it exclusively for Playstation. Etc.

You get the idea. :)

Last edited by LordLichtenstein - on 20 December 2017