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I finally experienced some of that vintage PUBG jank yesterday that I have been hearing so much about. I drop in, I'd never dropped to The Ruins, so I did. I think I was alone, I run around a corner, and fall through the map and into an endless body of water where I drown.

I queue back up and go back to Ruins. I think I'm alone again but nope, out comes some almost naked dude trying to punch me to death. I keep trying to pick up this shotgun and slugs on these boxes but they're up about 5 feet high and the game won't let me grab them without climbing up there. So the whole time I am trying to climb up there and get them, the game is kind of laggy, and this dude is beating my ass. He gets me down to like 40% health and I finally grab the shotgun. But it won't let me grab bullets! I drop off thinking I grabbed the bullets but I hadn't. I run off and turn around and point the shotgun at the dude, thinking maybe he'd freak out and run, but he didn't. He came right for me and knocked me down to about 25% health. I climb back up the little stone wall again and this time grab the shells. I run away to reload and BLAM shoot him once in the chest and he drops dead.

Just now I dropped into the military base, good god it's fucking loaded with stuff. I run out of a building and see four people fighting, one with his fists. He dies right away, but I was able to run around and kill the other three with shotgun blasts while they weren't looking. I wait a second then go to loot one, BLAM, shotgun to the back, I'm dead.

My best finish is still like 8 or 12, I don't remember.