Bristow9091 said:
Luke888 said:
Xenoblade Chronciles 2 ! The story, soundtrack and combat system are AMAZING

Got any examples for the soundtrack? I love videogame music and the soundtrack of a game is a huge selling point to me


Since they've already linked some of the other tracks I'd like to focus on the tracks that change depending on what's going on in the world, these two tracks can be heard in the same area depending if it's daytime or nighttime and they obviously share similarities, yet they both have a distinct feeling and depending on your experience they can be really impactful: for instance you might walk through this area for the first time only during daytime and make it to the next one, only to play another 2/3 hours and then  going back to the same area at night and finding a brand new track that has ties to what you heard before.

And don't get me started on the tracks that have singing, by far my favourites thus far (I'm "only" 45 hours in), if you wan't a glimpse of it try listening without watching the Story Trailer for the game (the spoilers are only for the first 30ish hours of the game but still you really don't want to spoil this amazing story)