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Shadow1980 said:
I wonder how much of the Force Awakens hate is genuine and how much of it is just "It's popular so it sucks" bandwagoning. I genuinely enjoyed it and Rogue One. Maybe not quite as much at any of the original trilogy movies, but they're still leaps and bounds better than the prequels. Phantom Menace will always be the weakest of the Star Wars movies, and was the only one where I walked out of the theater less than impressed.

not much of it. If you talk to normies the generally consensus is "They really liked it". And since those normies make up a vast majority of the viewing audience I would see what you read on a hard core star wars forum or a gaming forum is non-represtitive. 

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

360- 37 million   Should trend down slightly after 3rd year peak

PS3- 29 million  Sales should pick up next year, 3rd year peak and price cut