Miyamotoo said:
quickrick said:

you do realize that ps4 199$ sold out in like a day or 2, they could have well sold over 2 million on Novembe. 3ds was 179.99 in novemebr that only sold like 800k its first yeat i think, its just not about price, it's just a ton of demand for ps4 at that price. just look at xbone, it was 189$ with way more supply, and couldn't beat ps4 despite it launching the X which did great numbers.

Yes I do realise that, but nothing what you wrote has anything with what I wrote. Again, this is best PS4 year from launch, and $100 price cut during BF deals with some extra deals (like Gamestop gave $50 in store credit) was huge and great deal. Why PS4 won November NPD while Switch won most of previous months, because that huge BF deal obviously.

switch won most months because of pent up demand that was never fulfilled, next year it won't be the same and ps4 will be winning most of the months, its like super nes classic to a smaller disagree, it could probably beat ps4,3-5 till every that wants one get one then, then it's over.