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"The country’s MPs have voted to re-ban same-sex marriage, just six months after it was legalised. US soldier who defected to North Korea in 1965 dead at 77 Under the proposed new bill, same-sex couples won’t be able to marry, but will instead enter into a ‘domestic partnership’. Speaking in favour of the bill, backbencher Lawrence Scott told the Bermuda Assembly: ‘As it stands now, they [LGBT couples] can have the name “marriage” but without the benefits.

‘But after this bill passes, they have the benefits and just not the name marriage. The benfits are what they really want.’"


tl;dr: Bermuda recently allowed LBGT people in the country to marry. They, however, were not given the rights of a straight marriage but still recieved a marriage certificate. In a recent ruling by their surpreme court they did what essentially amounts to a "seperate but equal" bill that gives them the benefits of marriage... however, they are no longer 'married' but rather recognized as "domestic partners" in their country. Bermuda is currently the only country to take away gay marriage after allowing it.


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