mZuzek said:
I disagree with you both on the Champions' Ballad being underwhelming. Master Trials I get, but Champions' Ballad featured 16 very well designed and clever shrines, and a dungeon that is seriously up there with some of the best in Zelda history. Overall, I'm satisfied with the content, I just wish they let me get rid of the dumb extras.

I'm with Zarkho: I think we got more than enough shrines already. I expected something a bit different... I don't know, rebuild Hyrule in one way or another, go back in time and play some quests as the other Champions... it could have been anything. But we get more of the same things. I wanted a true "new story", and the lied to us. This is not new. This is the same stuff we have been doing during all the game. And while the new shrines pretty good... the new Divine Beast, even with it being better than the original four, is still a weak Zelda dungeon.