While both Breath of the Wild DLC packs are pretty disappointing to my eyes, there's something that I found particularly lame and underwhelming about them. And that is how we get access to the new armor sets that Nintendo offers to us. In order to get them, you only have to find a book (the mission description tells you exactly where), read the location of every armor piece, go there and open the chest. Nothing but that.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge Zelda fan... but I find most of this items to have immense value. Zant and Midna Helmets, Phantom Ganon clothes, Wind Waker Link shirt, Majora's Mask, Phantom Armor... even the Tingle Outfit. All of them are historical Zelda items from previous games. And the fact those items are just... there, lying on the ground waiting to be found... I hate it. I think those items deserve more than that.

That's why I can't help but to imagine how I would had liked to find those items. If I were Nintendo, I would have created specific missions for each set. And I want to give you some examples.

- The Phantom Ganon Outfit: In the Gerudo Secret Club a rumor has been spreading about some ancient ruins in the desert where the infamous Gerudo King presumably lived when he was still mortal. You find the ruins and there is some puzzle to solve. Once you solve it, a shrine appears... but it doesn't look like any shrine you've seen. It has dark and demonic vibes. The interior is very similar to TP Arbiter's Grounds, and the challenges you'll face there mirror those of that place. Once you reach the end... Phantom Ganon on it's horse appears. You must defeat this shadow of the past. When you strike him down, it will left behind his armor.

- The Lobster Shirt: In some place of Hyrule, Beedle has come across a White/Golden Lynel while he was trying to arrive to a stable. He needs help! Once you defeat the enemy, Beedle will thank you with his famous enthusiasm. He feels so in debt with you that he'll give you an Old Sea Chart that belonged to one of his ancestors, who was said to have sailed across every sea in Hyrule. You'll travel the the southern coast of Hyrule and from there, you'll get a raft, a Deku leaf and will sail following the instructions of the Sea Chart, like the ancient Hero of Winds used to do. When you're getting to the place marked in the chart... it starts to rain. A storm is comming. And when you're in the spot... a giant squid like the ones that appear in Wind Waker traps you in a swirl. You must defeat it. And when you do... the storm vanishes and the sun rises. You use magnesis to find an old treasure chest that contains the Lobster Shirt.

These are only two examples of how this aspect of the DLC should have been handled. Each set of items (and the individuals too) should have get a decent quest to find them. At least this is what I think. Maybe I'm thinking too big... but that's my job as a fan xD

Do you agree with me? Do you have any ideas for some of the items you get from the DLC?