Daredevil 1, first part of 2, Jessica Jones and first part of Luke Cage have been the only good parts of that franchise.

But I'm just glad that Witcher is being done on a Netflix like service instead of a NBC or something. Fantasy shows like Witcher end up becoming like Hercules or Xena warrior princess when on full 20 some episode stations. Way too many bs filler type episodes and also love triangles galore. Or you know everyone having hooked up with everyone at some point.

Though Marvel is no exception. I mean that one lawyer lady and the black lady seem to be hooking up or flirting with every superhero. It's like the series is like "how do we make these characters connect without bringing daredevil into Punisher? Oh I know, lets have that chick come instead. But wait, what do we do with her? Lets have her get feelings for him. Brilliant"