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LipeJJ said:
Not even close. Lol


Farsala said:
Yeah personally looks pretty terrible exclusive wise. 2017 had Persona 5, Nioh, Yakuza which these 3 alone > everything 2018. And thats without mentioning top games like Uncharted, GT Sport and the glorious most valorous Knack 2.

To be fair the games in 2018 have to actually release before I can judge them, but just going off my personal expectations it doesn't look too good.


SegataSanshiro said:

History? Lol absolutely not! This gen? Not erven that. Looks alright but far from best. Every year in the 4th/5th gen has every year in this gen beat by a country mile.

Well. Subjectivity I guess.

To OP, I am inclined to agree with you. Of the games you mentioned there are 7 new IPs there (yes, incuding GOW which is a reboot and nothing like the games before it). That alone makes it btter for me than most years as I follow playstation because of the amount of new IPs they cough out. Then the games that aren't new IPs are equally just as good.

I can't relate how or why some seem so atagonistic over the lineup, but no one else  can boast having AAA exclusive games that all stand a good chance to score 80+ coming out back to back  fro almost every month all year round.