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This will always be a matter of opinion, but if none of PS4’s currently announced 2018 games get delayed (and Shawn Layden said Sony are giving release dates/windows now only when they feel absolutely sure of them), I think this will undoubtedly be one of the best years ever for a video game system. And for gaming in general, when you consider the great multiplats coming (e.g. Red Dead) and Nintendo’s inevitable gems.

Ps4’s 2018 was already going to be big with SotC remake, God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit, Ni No Kuni, etc., but PSX just brought confirmation that both Days Gone and Dreams will also be releasing in 2018. It’s actually at the point now where the quantity may become a negative thing, since there will obviously be a ton of multiplats as well. IGN referred to PS4’s 2018 as a “traffic jam” of exclusives (video linked below).

Anyway, here’s the list, along with release dates/windows—as far as we know. Please feel free to let me know things I missed or got wrong, and I’ll add or change them in the OP. I will also try to keep this list updated throughout the year as new info releases, so this can serve as an ongoing game and release date resource for 2018.


NI NO KUNI:  3/23/18

YAKUZA 6: 3/2018

GOD OF WAR:  “early 2018” UPDATE—>4/20/18. Though GoW games have always released in March. Oh, and the Game length is checking out at 25-35 hours.

DETROIT:  Spring 2018, so approximately April-June. UPDATE—>5/25/18

SPIDER-MAN:  First half of 2018. I think Sony would want to release this while there was still a lot of hype over Avengers: Infinity War, which releases 5/4/18. So i would suspect either May or June (nless it gets delayed). 

DAYS GONE:  Only window given was 2018, to my knowledge. Shu said the game is playable from beginning to end, and that Bend is now only working on polishing the game. UPDATE—DELAYED TO 2019. Maybe it was more of a business decision than a time issue. 

DREAMS:  Only window given was 2018. It will also have a beta. 



Medieval:  2018


IGN video—“Sony’s 2018 First Party Traffic Jam”

Last edited by pitzy272 - on 09 March 2018