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Uh, I'll go with CAD since I'm not exactly sure the prices of non-full price games in USD
> Full game price: $60USD = $80CAD
> Older Wii U games full price ??USD = $65-75CAD
> Nintendo Selects $20USD = $30CAD

Nintendo games barely depreciate in price so you can sell them for a decent price, though you may have to lower further

Splatoon $35-45
Xenoblade Chronicles X $35-45?
NSMB U: Luigi Edition ??
DCK: Tropical Freeze $15-20
Tokyo Mirage Sessions $20-30?
Pikmin 3 $15-20
Windwaker HD $20-25
Super Mario 3D World $15-20
Bayonetta 2 $30-40

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