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Alright, here's my take on that list in terms of disagreements. (The rest I agree with, or are just far off predictions that are honestly hard to predict)

Mario Strikers - Seems like wishful thinking. There are no hints towards the franchise getting a sequel and it definitely won't be a next year release either.

Donkey Kong Racing is an extremely random idea. the original DKR was conceived by Rare and there's no reason for Nintendo to allocate one of their divisions to create a reboot. It wouldn't push Switch sales by any means.

Metroid Prime 4 coming out next year sounds unlikely. Considering they had no footage to show this year and just stated "now in development" suggests that they've barely made progress in making the game, and have considerably just made a refined logo for the confirmation of it's development. To have a quality product I would expect an early 2019 release bare minimum.

Pikmin 4, Mario Party, and Mario Maker seem too far off. I would expect all those to be released by 2019.