... that Nintendo launched a new piece of hardware dedicated solely to playing Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. I don't remember the exact price, but I remember it was insanely cheap, that everyone had them, that I was super excited to find one in a story (implying shortages), and most importantly, the thing was freakishly small. It was the size of those old Giga Pets but was the full fledged Pokemon Red game (the one I got as a kid) on it with buttons and everything you'd need. It looked somewhat like this, except it was in the shape of a Pikachu.


Honestly, I could see Nintendo doing this one day. Make an old school game everyone loves (Pokemon) with built in wireless to battle/trade with people they come in contact with, fits inside the palm of your hand and easily in your pocket and sold for like $30-50. I could see this selling an insane amount. What should I do with my dream I had?