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COKTOE said:
SuperNova said:

That linked story about the girl who got gang raped is SO WTF on all levels.

Like the fact that they refused to investigate the girls claim until she and her law enforcement parents dragged two of the rapists into the station themselves or that the main aggressor WAS OUT ON BAIL FOR KILLING HIS INFANT DAUGHTER. Really India? Really?!

I was in India back when the first gang rape storys broke, wich we didn't really hear about until a few weeks later when we thought to buy an Indian paper. Since then thankfully women seem to have been embolded to report the crimes, hence the influx of rape reports. At least I sincerly hope it was not the other way around and it embolded more perpetrators.

That being said, for reasons others have pointed out, I'm not sure death sentence is an effective solution to the problem. India is in dire need of a cultural change and a more natural reationship to sexuality.
These excesses are a result of the extreme sexual repression that is culturally mandated in India imo. A lot of women aren't even out in the streets, let alone allowed to even just talk to men.

I've never been sexually harrassed as often as I have been in India (I've also never had to respond to such harassment as severly before, be it physically or verbally) and eventually had to cover up in a big shapeless shawl and very loose fitting trousers, just to be able to go down the street....undisturbed isn't the right word since every merchant and a ton of other people will still shout at you/ask for pictures without interruption, but at least relatively unharrassed.
I wasn't dressed in anything 'sexy' by european Standarts, just thick hiking clothes (it was pretty cold in the north) and loose fitting jeans, but to Indian men I was a spectacle of seemingly freely available sexuality.
Covering up was in the end a frustrating, but strangely liberating and mosty pragmatic decision. You can't sit down for a tea with every harraser and calmly explain to them why their behaiviour is wrong and slapping them in the face while shouting:'Never touch a woman against her will.' gets tiring as well.

So, ignoring the heinousness of the op, and most of the content of your own post, with it's interesting take on how you dealt with your time in India.....You're a g-g-g-giiirrrlll? You're profile suggests otherwise, so I'm finding this an irresistible question.

Yeah, I'm one of the fabled six VG Chartz girls XD

I can't really remember how I ended up being male on my profile. I think when you create an account it defaults to male, or maybe I just missclicked, or something, but I was sort of hurrying through the creation because I wanted to post something. I noticed quite a bit later and I never bothered to find out if you can change it. :P

Although to be fair I've met a guy that was sexually harrassed in india too, it's just a much more commom problem for girls.