GoOnKid said:

Also, what I noticed very fast when playing online is that a lot (like, a LOT) of players will always go for a throw when a fight starts, and will keep trying to use a throw to open a battle, even after evading their attempts and punching the shit out of them the will still do so, until they finally manage to grab me. And only then they continue to use regular punches. Anyone else noticed that, too?

Its a mix up, you don't encounter it that much in higher level play but its something that you see or gets thrown out if you end up doing the same thing at the start every time. Like for me, I tend to dash to charge at the start like most people, other times I throw an arm out for a quick chip damage hit. If I do the usual dash chances of me getting grabbed are fairly high if timed correctly. If I do the punch, I'll punch right through it and get damage. Each of these has its advantages. In the case of the punch, if I miss I don't have charged arms, in the case of the charge, I could get punished for it unless my opponent does the same or unless they miss their attack.

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