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We have a solid opportunity to gauge the lay of the land for the Switch software market on Friday. Xenoblade Chronicles X moved ~85k FW in Japan with approximately 2.3 Million units of Wii U hardware having been sold at the time. As of last week, the Switch has sold just under 2.4 Million units. 

The launch of XC2 should tell us a fair deal about just how much better the market is for software on the Switch than it was on the Wii U. We've have some rough equivalences in the past, but I feel like this is the closest to 1:1 match-up we've had so far (and maybe the best we'll get).

Anyone else feel the same way, or do you think the games are too different to tell? Any other reasons this match-up isn't as significant as it seems to me?


FW Sales: 97,732


Xenoblade - 79,163

Xenoblade 3D - 43.762

Xenoblade X - 88.544

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