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This is a remake of an old game so it's not likely indicative of what the next game will be

Interestingly enough, this game reminded me what set the original games apart from Awakening and Fates and I really liked it, was a breath of fresh air, despite being a remake. You need to keep in mind that this is a remake of the game. Newer mechanics such as reclassing/map design/pair ups aren't added or changed because of the remake. Killing the Cantors kills all of their summons so aim for those.

> Double promotions and promoting system
Rather than grinding up to 20 and then promoting, you have the option to promote at level 10 with bigger stat boosts if your character was RNG screwed. The option is still there to grind to 20 (which I did) but it truly incentivize promoting early. With double promotions, promoting early isn't too bad either since you won't be level capped easily. The real grind of the newer games is the reclassing and skill system. You need to grind much more whereas here you can get all the skills with a single level up path. Being unable to reclass makes your characters specific and specialized so there are strategies, though Dread Fighters are just as broken in this game as in Awakening.

> Weapons and Magic
The classic triangle is nice for strategies and when Fates threw all weapons into the mix, it made this a bit weird. Magics were truly the strongest in the original FE games, so having it drain your life and having a fixed accuracy percentage remedies this. Bows are a bit broken but at least weight and accuracy isn't perfect. The equipment slot is a really nice addition, though you probably will just go with rings

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