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Am interested to see, since I've heard that there hasn't been many new users after 2016.

Didn't lurk too much on VGC before signing up, so I joined in early 2015

VGC was pretty active back then, Jaywood decided to post news daily, much like Abbath or Shikamo, Cloudman joined a month earlier, Kapi was active with 50+ ppd, a lot of tournaments including Uran's Typhlosion vs Charizard showdown, many Official Threads, Nintendom was managed by Cone, Xbox Empire managed by Jaywood, PSNation by Gooch, Smeags was much wow, no tutorial thread existed, old moderator thread that had constant discussion, Rol asking to be mod, one of Nintendo's worst and Sony's best E3, tbone's protection squad, poney fads, alts, more alts, and even more alts, from the top of my head..

Year Users  
2017 Liquid_laser, D84, ResidentToxy, Green098
2016 EricHiggin, Flilix 2
2015 Platina, SuperNova, Volterra_90, Shikamo, ZODIARKrebirth
2014 barney, kapi, sunstrider, ultra, Mr_No, Mr.GameCrazy, Mr.Playstation, ArchangelMadzz, Mike321
2013 VGP, cychris, Boom, Ljink96, Shadow1980, Hedra42, Proxy, ktay95
2012 farsala, Metroid33slayer
2011 Basil, MarkkyStorm, green_sky
2010 nil8r153 1
2009 Xxain, deskpro2k3, think-man, DonFerrari
2008 COKTOE, ironmanDX, SegataSanshiro, sethnintendo, Ronster316, TheTruthHurts, bigjon, Kyuu, spurge, baloofarsan
c03n3nj0, antfromtashkent, Sherlock99
2007 starcraft, okr, jlauro, TargaryenVers2, PDF, Mummelmann, jordjtr, Cobretti2, Trucks, Darc Requiem, tokilamockingbrd
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