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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Landale_Star said:
1 week of a remade game (not including digital) sells almost as much as Vagrant Story lifetime (not including digital either but I can guess which did better here too).


What game is that?

Mario and Luigi remaster sold 80,000

Vagrant Story sold 870,000 

It's not even close, in fact Vagrant Story sold twice the copies in it's first week in Japan as Mario and Luigi

Good thing I didn't mention the name of the game, I was talking about something completely different!




Ok, no I wasn't, I just had an incorrect memory of it selling just under 100k, probably should have checked given the site I'm on. Thank you for making Vagrant Story look like less of a commercial flop.

Last edited by Landale_Star - on 26 November 2017