Hynad said:
Azuren said:

As per Rtings:

"What it is: How many colors a TV can display at different luminosity levels.

When it matters: HDR content. Includes some streaming videos, UHD Blu-rays and HDR games."
And QLEDs as they are now are not really where Samsung is taking it. Yes, OLEDs have better picture, but Samsung seems adamant that the tables will turn rather hardly when they make the QLEDs self-emitting.

So it simply allows for more saturated colors at extreme brightness. Yet OLED TVs still take the crown when it comes to picture quality. Go figure?

As to your QLED tidbit, are you saying that an hypothetical tech that isn't remotely on the market is currently beating the picture quality of OLED TVs?

Sure enough, when it does comes out, it will be expensive, but also more than likely the better of the two tech. But until there's a consumer-ready set available, there's really no point in bringing this up in a thread where someone asks what he should get in the current age.

Yes, they do. They also take the crown for burn-in and lost detail in blacks (OLED diodes on LG OLEDs turn off at 20cd/me, losing all detail that appears in that range).


My original mention of QLED was in reference to how OLED would never reach an acceptable state before it was beaten, and I thought that's what we were discussing. As far as picture quality now, there are four TVs from Sony alone that top out the Q9F, so it's not impressing anyone right now.


I would argue that something with a burn-in rate like OLED isn't consumer ready.

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