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Intrinsic said:
Miyamotoo said:

I dont think its about if Sony underestimated demand, but about how many consoles they want to sell at $199 price point. Beacuse hardly $199 will be new ofical PS4 1TB price point going from $300-350.

i spent most of a thread arguing with you over these kinda things. 

do you really think it cost sony $300-$350 to make a 1TB PS4slim?

4yrs ago the $400 500GB 28nm based PS4 was profitable out the gate. costing Sony around $380 to make each one. in all that time there has been cost reductions in everything. Everything. it doesn't cost sony up to $200 making a PS4 slim right now. and probably hasn't since like March of this year. 

And the HDD, the funny thing about that is that it would cost sony more now putting in a 500GB HDD than it would cost them to put in a 1TB HDD. Economies of scale. 

Just get this, this is a stock issue. there are simply only so many consoles anyone can make. You can't just push a button and spit out 5M consoles in one month. so drop that notion of how many they want to sell at that price. do you have any idea how !uch money Sony instantly makes from the sale of every single console? you aren't just looking at the console. look at the extra controller. games. psN subscription. trust me, it's in every console manufacturers interests to sell as many consoles as possible. 

and now the way things are going it's suggesting that Nintendo isn't even able to provide a similar amount of stock like sony is sending out. even if it's also selling out of all it's provided stock. 

I said it to you before. it doesn't matter how much you can sell if you don't have the stock to show for it. 

I really don't understand what exactly is your point when you replied to me!?

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 24 November 2017