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DonFerrari said:
jlauro said:

True, it's only sold out at the new lower price.  Few things are ever sold out if you are willing to pay scalpers over MSRP on ebay, etc...  and the bundles are now ~$100/33% over priced compared to the $199 console and are not worth considering as in-stock.  Why pay $100 more for a system with half the size hard drive and a game you don't want?

To prove it isn't sold out... haven't you seem him in every Switch sold out thread proving ebay had it available?

You dont make any sense. Available means to have console at official price point, scalpers that have $100-150 higher price point compared to ofical of course don't count. In any case this is totally different situation, $199 is Black Friday deal and that's actually $100-150 lower price point from official price point, and that price is not available any more, but that doesnt mean that PS4 is generally sold out like some people assume here.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 24 November 2017