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konnichiwa said:

In europe the Ps4 has been under 200€ on some occassions (like the switch launch 180€).  If I was comfortable with it I would have filmed the gamesdepartement in Mediamarkt this morning.  PS4 and Xbox ones were flyiing of the shevels (The last one went down to 175 €).   Also saw a shop with PSVR out of stock sign (199€).  

Love black friday =p; (atleast in Europe)

Good to see PSVR also getting the lovely sold out... we need more partners to increase the game output.

WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
DonFerrari said:

I'm also part of it, but with a Father PS4 and teenager PS4Pro

I will buy a PS4 PRO when its 200-300, so I can have my normal PS4 as a back-up unit. Hopefully these consoles are durable enough, so I can use them for the next 80 years. Do you think they can last that long?  

Don't think it will be working very good after 15 years even with the disc only verificating

SuperNova said:
I said this would probably happen in the 'who will win november' npd prediction thread, as a response as to why the ps4 was likely to beat the Switch in November.

199$ opens up a new price segment and gets into attainable territory for lower income households.

Very much physiological barrier, because 50 isn't that much difference, but when validating the expenditure it matters.

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