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The Best Buy I work at in downtown Chicago sold so many 199$ PS4's it was unbelievable. I must say it greatly surprised me because it had been on sale for 199$ throughout the whole week so I did not really expect it to be that crazy tonight. We had roughly 200 PS4s in stock before 5pm (when we opened) I left at around midnight and only 17 PS4s were left. Which means tomorrow when we open the doors again at 8am we will have only 17 units in stock which will naturally sell out like hot cakes. It was seriously unbelievable, I work at the Mobile Department and as I was looking around the store i could see 1/3 of all the present customers were holding a PS4 in their hands it was unbelievable. Also a friend of mine who works at Best Buy but in a different location told me the same story of how they almost sold out of all the PS4 units they had.   Also, I will have to say Nintendo Switch came in second that also kinda surprised me since the console is 299$ I must say I am impressed by Nintendo switch it's very popular.  

Did Sony underestimate the demand or what?


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