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Birimbau said:
atomicblue said:

Succinctly put.

I find it difficult to take anyone seriously if they insist that one side is unequivocally better than the other in the discussion about consoles vs. PC. Both sides cater well to different kinds of gamers, and I try to include a mix of both in my life (although I've been more console lately because Switch has seen a lot of really great games this year).

In short:

- Consoles: cheaper hardware but overall more expensive games and pay to be able to online gaming;

- PC: more expensive hardware but overall cheaper games and free online gaming;

In 10 years a console gamer will eventually spend much more than a PC gamer when putting all the expenses together.

This is exactly the kind of one-sided viewpoint I find difficult to take seriously.

For one, I don't generally game online, so that's a moot point to me. You know what I do a lot of? Local multiplayer and portable, both of which are most easily achieved through consoles. Hell, Nintendo have a lot of exclusives that do some of the best local multiplayer in the industry.

Also your point about game prices is moot for anyone who likes to buy things close to launch, and honestly most third-party titles see pretty big price drops on consoles as well.